Beyond the Collaboration

From Sternberg Press / The Incidents

Beyond the Collaboration

By Sterling Ruby and Raf Simons

Distributed for Sternberg Press




How do you tell the story of a friendship? How do you trace the roots of one of the most significant cross-disciplinary unions in fashion today? Artist Sterling Ruby and fashion designer Raf Simons did just that when they sat on stage with curator Jessica Morgan at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Offering complimentary perspectives on a bond that has matured over the span of a decade, and a body of work that transcends boundaries, Ruby and Simons spoke with mutual respect, trust, and a deep investment in the future. This is a story, and an exchange, that is beyond collaboration.

The Incidents is a book series based on uncommon events at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design from 1936 to tomorrow.Edited by Jennifer Sigler and Leah Whitman-SalkinContribution by Jessica Morgan

Copublished with the Harvard University Graduate School of Design


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