North American Trees, Revised Edition

By Richard J. Preston, Jr.




A handbook designed for field use with distribution maps and strikingly clear illustrations. This is the most comprehensive pocket-sized manual of trees now available. Convenient to use and carry, its accurate descriptions provide the user with a ready means of identifying more than 550 species of North American trees.

North American Trees describes all North American trees except those found in Mexico and a few tropical species growing on the southern fringe of the United States. Full-page drawings illustrate the foliage, flower, fruit, seed, and geographical distribution of each tree covered. Opposite each drawing is a concise description of the botanical silvical characteristics of the species. The comprehensive introduction includes a guide to the botanical classification of trees, a comparison of the various forest regions, and a definition of the structural and silvical characters that are the basis for categorizing the species. There is a glossary to define the few unavoidable technical terms used.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262660044 395 pp. |