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Robotics Research

The Third International Symposium

Edited by Olivier Faugeras and George Giralt




The Third International Symposium in Robotics Research was held in the Fall of 1985 in Gouvieux-Chantilly, France. This book collects 45 papers presented by the 66 participants from the U.S., Japan, and Europe, reflecting the wide variety of research issues currently under exploration. The topics covered include perception (visual and local), action And control, robot mechanisms, and modeling and systems.

Selected ContentsTwo Sensors Are Better Than One: Examples of Integration of Vision and Touch (Bajcsy and Allen) • A Layered Intelligent Control System for a Mobile Robot (R. A. Brooks) • Design of a CAD/CAM System for Robotics on a Microcomputer (E. Dombre, A. Fournier, C. Quard, R. Zapata) • Tackling Uncertainty and Imprecision in Robotics (A. Farreny and A. Prade) • Robot Learning and Teach-In Based on Sensory Feedback (G. Hirzinger) • Estimation of Inertial Parameters of Manipulator Loads and Links (J. Hollerback) • Parallel Manipulator (H. Inoue, Y. Tsusaka, T. Fukuizumi) • The Operational Space Formulation in the Analysis, Design, and Control of Manipulators (O. Khatib) • Symmetry in Running (M. Raibert) • Integrated Language, Sensing, and Control for a Robot Hand (K. Salisbury) • A Stereo Method Using Disparity Histograms of Multi-Resolution Channels (Y. Shirai)

Robotics Research is eighteenth in the Artificial Intelligence Series, edited by Patrick Winston and Michael Brady.


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Olivier Faugeras

Olivier Faugeras is Research Director and head of a computer vision group at INRIA and Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of Three-Dimensional Computer Vision (MIT Press, 1993).

George Giralt

George Giralt is with the Laboratory of Automation and Systems Analysis, National Center of Scientific Research, both in Rocquencourt, France.