Structure in Sculpture

Structure in Sculpture

By Daniel L. Schodek





Out of Print ISBN: 9780262193139 pp. | 9.2 in x 11.6 in


  • By inviting us to view sculpture as structure and structure as sculpture the book offers a 'defamiliarized' sight of the world. The result is educational, a deeper understanding of morphology, but also a fresh comprehension of the poetics of structure - making and of structural intelligence.

    Alexander Tzonis

    University of Technology, DELFT

  • Structure in Sculpture addresses an audience that has not been addressed previously by another book, the sculptor, student of scultpure, public art administrator, or conservator, who want to know more about the structural properties of sculptures, in a comprehensive way that is not limited to a superficial treatment of the subject. The manuscript provides in-depth treatment of the material, presenting the rigorous mathematical modelling for those who choose to be rigorous with the issue of structures in sculpture. Structure in Sculpture is a very original piece of work aimed to fill specific gaps in the literature and the author's message is clear, well presented and complemented with material that makes the reader confident that he/she can employ the presented theory and methods in practice.

    Spiro N. Pollalis

    Associate Professor of Architecural Technology, Harvard University