Arthur W. Mullendore

  • Deformation and Fracture at Elevated Temperatures

    Nicholas J. Grant and Arthur W. Mullendore

    Although the primary intent of this book is to provide supplemental reading for the student of high-temperature metallurgy, its contents will also be of interest to engineers engaged in determination of the strength properties of metals. The result of work primarily done in the Metallurgy Department at M.I.T., this volume presents important material on the subject of elevated temperature deformation and fracture of metals. Topics treated include the techniques of stress-rupture testing and interruption of data derived from such tests, the extrapolation and interpolation of stress rupture data by graphical and parametric techniques, and the mechanistic approach to elevated temperature deformation and fracture with particular emphasis on the role of grain boundaries.

    This is a valuable addition to existing texts in the field of metallurgy and suitable for the graduate level. It will also be of interest to the mechanical and metallurgical engineer.

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