John Vanderplank

John Vanderplank is Keeper of the U.K. National Collection of Passiflora and a commercial nurseryman dedicated to the production of passion flower hybrids with a long flower life. He keeps a permanent exhibition at Greenholm Nurseries Garden Centre, Congresbury, Avon.

  • Passion Flowers, Third Edition

    Passion Flowers, Third Edition

    John Vanderplank

    Thorough documentation and glorious illustrations of an exotic flower.

    "Lost flower of the Andes is blooming in Britain." This headline in the Daily Telegraph celebrated the last remaining example of Passiflora lourdesae, a Venezuelan herbaceous climber that was raised from a cutting by John Vanderplank—the only successful attempt from a dozen cuttings sent to botanists around the world. The story of this dramatic recovery from extinction is just one of the delights of Passion Flowers. The book documents more than 150 species, with more than 120 of them illustrated in color. This edition has been updated throughout.

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