Lincoln A. Wallen

Lincoln A. Wallen is a B.P. Venture Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Automated Deduction in Nonclassical Logics

    Efficient Matrix Proof Methods for Modal and Intuitionistic Logics

    Lincoln A. Wallen

    This book develops and demonstrates efficient matrix proof methods for automated deduction within an important and comprehensive class of first order and intuitionistic logics. Traditional techniques for the design of efficient proof systems are abstracted from their original setting which allows their application to a wider class of mathematical logic. The logics discussed are used throughout computer science and artificial intelligence.

    ContentsIntroduction • I. Automated Deduction in Classical Logic • Proof search in classical sequent calculi • A matrix characterization of classical validity • II. Automated Proof Deduction in Modal Logics • The semantics and proof theory of modal logics • Proof search in modal sequent calculi • Matrix characterizations of modal validity • Alternative proof methods for modal logics • Matrix based proof search • III. Automated Deduction in Intuitionistic Logic • A Matrix proof method • Conclusions

    Automated Deduction in Nonclassical Logics is included in the Artificial Intelligence series, edited by Patrick Winston Michael Brady, and Daniel Bobrow.

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