Stanley J. Rosenschein

  • Computational Theories of Interaction and Agency

    Computational Theories of Interaction and Agency

    Philip E. Agre and Stanley J. Rosenschein

    Over time the field of artificial intelligence has developed an "agent perspective" expanding its focus from thought to action, from search spaces to physical environments, and from problem-solving to long-term activity. Originally published as a special double volume of the journal Artificial Intelligence, this book brings together fundamental work by the top researchers in artificial intelligence, neural networks, computer science, robotics, and cognitive science on the themes of interaction and agency. It identifies recurring themes and outlines a methodology of the concept of "agency." The seventeen contributions cover the construction of principled characterizations of interactions between agents and their environments, as well as the use of these characterizations to guide analysis of existing agents and the synthesis of artificial agents. Artificial Intelligence series. Special Issues of Artificial Intelligence

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